Square Tricks in Hindi

1-999 तक SQUARE निकालें सिर्फ 4 सेकंड में | Square Tricks in Hindi

अन्य आर्टिकल्स के लिए विजिट करे –

Mental math tricks. Aren’t they great? Little cheats and shortcuts to get you to your destination quicker and easier. And I’ve got another for you! This one will enable you to calculate any two-digit perfect square mentally.
We talked about perfect squares once before in Lesson 2: The Decimal System, Exponents and a few Perfect Numbers. Check it out if you need a refresher!
At this point, you should be comfortable with perfect squares up to twelve squared.
Which is awesome, but what if you could simply calculate these two-digit squares with one simple method?
Ready for this nifty trick?

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